A global citizen

Mia Caglieris ’15 received a truly multicultural education at Peddie. “The moment you set foot on campus, you’re with people who aren’t all from the same area, so right away there’s diversity,” she said. “My focus was in history and politics and Peddie offered Latin American history and African history, courses that a lot of people in college haven’t taken.”

When Mia was selected as one of 40 Albright Fellows at Wellesley College, she saw it as an opportunity to continue her pursuit of global citizenship. The Albright Institute – named for Madeleine Albright – seeks to harness the power of motivated scholars with diverse interests and skill sets and inspire a new generation of global leaders.

During her Wintersession break at Wellesley, Mia will participate in a series of lectures and work together with other Fellows in interdisciplinary groups on a variety of global issues and how they might be solved.

The following summer, Mia will begin an international internship. “I want to learn as much as I can and – wherever I am – feel like I’m enacting change. Actually doing something and feeling like I had a hand in it is really important to me.” Mia doesn’t know where her internship will take her yet – she hopes to go to Europe – but she’s confident that she can handle whatever it brings.

“Peddie really does prepare you. I think people talk about that a lot, but until you truly experience it, you don’t really know.”