"We are all PGS."
Girls’ Varsity Soccer players Simone Nix ’18 and Ellie Timko ’18 reflect on an inspirational evening spent with recent Peddie soccer alumnae.
From Simone Nix:
On Tuesday night, the Peddie Girls’ Soccer team had the chance to meet recent soccer alum “legends” for a preseason team bonding activity. We listened to Ellie Cottone, Kelsi Smith, Lauren Gorajek, Niki Powell, and Melissa Seidner -- all 2012 Peddie graduates -- compare their individual experiences on Peddie Girls’ Soccer (PGS) teams with other Peddie athletic teams and college teams. Although each alumna displayed different academic and personal passions, there was one common theme discussed between all of them. Each alum mentioned the unique connections that PGS and specifically preseason immediately embraced them with. These connections allowed for lasting friendships and a new “family” before even beginning classes with the rest of their freshman grade.
I was definitely able to relate to this topic as I continued to listen to their specific stories. Entering Peddie as a new sophomore, I was also pretty nervous about starting a new school and forming a new group of friends. However, PGS quickly accepted me and provided me with a support system on and off the field. I believe that every sports team holds a specific dynamic and network of relations, but that PGS goes above and beyond to encourage a welcoming environment to Peddie.

From Ellie Timko:
I am very thankful that Peddie offers excellent opportunities to meet alumni and expand my network, and it was extremely special to talk to five past Peddie Girls’ Soccer players during preseason this year.
At first I thought the conversations would be centered mostly on soccer, but the alumnae went so much further. Each alumna spoke not only of their Peddie experience, but about life afterward, too. The alumnae were wonderful examples of the types of soccer players and students to be.
I think the whole team appreciated this opportunity because it not only gave us a glimpse into the past by showing us members of an old team, but it connected all of us through our traditions and experiences. Knowing that these women participated in our same loved activities like scrapbooks and team dances made us all feel like one group -- despite the age difference, we are all PGS.