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From the Peddie Chronicle Fall/Winter 2018 issue

Koka Harris

Koka Harris rides around Peddie campus.

They dive into Peddie Lake to catch tennis balls. They romp around center campus, breaking for belly rubs from passing students. They lounge near sunny window sills with a view of campus activities. Without a doubt, animal companions are considered part of the Peddie community. We checked in with these furry (and feathery!) friends and asked their guardians to tell us more about them.

Huntly Quinn
Finley Alison Hogarth
Carly Nick Guilbert
Miles Davis & Oliver David Deanna Harkel
Sonya Alex and Meghan Kocar
Leroy Bryn Kurt Bennett
Wallace Jenate Brown
Duffy Tricia Mike O'Neill
Heidi Claudio Middleton
Midnight Claudio Middleton
India Claudio Middleton
Charlotte Claudio Middleton
Barkley Grant Edwards
Elliot Mark Sawula
Kovu Lindi Davis
Milo Jim Truslow
Fendi Deb & Jose Roca
Harly Deb & Jose Roca
Lola Deb & Jose Roca
Stella Sara Somers
Virginia Sara Somers
Tippy Karyn Vella
Cookie Karyn Vella
Clover Karyn Vella
Mismatch Karyn Vella
Odie Beth & Chris Bright
Chewie Frank & Betty deLaurentis
Saiwa Jason Baseden
Jetty Lisa & Pete McClellan
Koka Jim Harris