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From the Peddie Chronicle Fall/Winter 2018 issue

Megan Zuckerman '12

Caterina Gleijeses, Blair Class of '13

Megan Zuckerman and Caterina Gleijeses

From left: Megan Zuckerman '12 and Caterina Gleijeses, Blair Class of '13, have neighboring workspaces at Nike Communications in NYC.

Where they met

At Nike Communications, a small New York City-based agency that specializes in marketing luxury and prestige brands. Megan and Caterina’s desks are adjacent to one another and they discovered their Peddie-Blair connection while planning the company’s holiday party together last year.

Advice to others who discover they are working with an alum from a rival school

Caterina: You can still be friends with an alum from a rival school. If anything, finding out we went to rival schools was a reason for us to become friends.

Megan: The rivalry is really good-natured, and while I know everyone is really passionate about their own team, they are also really excited for the other team when they win.

A special friendship

Caterina: We have a connection in the office that we don’t share with anyone else because, even though we didn’t know each other at the time, we have so many shared experiences. It bonds us together and gives us another reason to be friends.