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From the Peddie Chronicle Fall/Winter 2018 issue

Rebecca Seman '14

Sovann Stark, Blair Class of '14

Rebecca Seman and Sovann Stark

From left: Rebecca Seman '14 and Sovann Stark, Blair Class of '14, moved into their North Brunswick townhouse in September.

Where they met

At Hilltop Country Day School in Sparta, New Jersey. Rebecca is from Blairstown, and Sovann is from Branchville. They’ve been best friends since first grade.

Rebecca, a recent Rutgers University graduate, works for a law firm in Princeton while Sovann is in her final year at Rutgers. The two became roommates in September; they share a townhouse in North Brunswick.

What it’s like to find out your best friend was accepted to your rival school

Rebecca: I think I always knew that Sovann was going to go to Blair since both of her siblings went there. So I wasn’t really shocked when she got in.

Sovann: We were both really sad that we weren’t going to be together, but it was also time for us to separate because we were inseparable. … But we knew we would still see each other since Rebecca lived in Blairstown and because of the Peddie-Blair rivalry.

Rebecca: And we both played tennis so we knew that we would see each other at tennis matches.

What it’s like to play tennis against your best friend on Blair Day

Sovann: Tennis is such a mental sport. You don’t know how it’s going to affect you, especially when it’s someone that you like and care about outside the competitiveness of your sport. It can be distracting, or it can motivate you more.

Rebecca: My coach knew that it was weird for me, but I had to do it.

Keeping up on Blair Day wins

Sovann: After my grade graduated, we started losing.

Rebecca: Yeah, and then my side starting winning. We are one of the only classes that never won Blair Day.

How they have kept the rivalry fun over the years

Sovann: People would sometimes comment, “Oh, you know someone from Peddie.” But it was obviously friendly and funny.

Rebecca: People would say, “Not only are you from Blairstown, but your best friend goes to Blair. Can we trust you?”

Sovann: We joke with each other, but at the end of the day your friendship is going to triumph.