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From the Peddie Chronicle Fall/Winter 2018 issue

Daniel Newman '17

Jason Newman, Blair Class of '17

Scott Newman, Lawrenceville Class of '17

Daniel, Scott and Jason Newman '17

From left: Brothers Daniel Newman '17, Scott Newman, Lawrenceville Class of '17, and Jason Newman, Blair Class of '17, are "very different people," said Jason.

Family connection

The triplet brothers were intent on going to different high schools so that they could have a sense of individuality. Now, they attend separate colleges: Daniel attends Brown University in Rhode Island, Jason attends Claremont McKenna College in California and Scott attends Princeton University.

How the brothers chose their high schools

Daniel: I really liked the relaxed environment of the school [Peddie]. Also, it was close to New York and close to home … I just felt at home when I first visited the campus.

Jason: I really wanted to go to a school with a community of people who wanted to be there, who wanted to engage with each other. And that’s exactly what I got out of Blair. I got a family.

Why they chose to go to separate schools

Daniel: My mom passed away while we were in the sixth grade. We decided that boarding school was the best option for us as a family. … In eighth grade, we all decided to go to separate schools.

Jason: We’re all actually very different people. You can tell by looking at us, too. We’ve got very different interests. … As great as it is being Daniel’s brother and Scott’s brother, I didn’t want that to be the basis of my reputation, and none of us really did.

Jason Newman and Daniel Newman '17

From left: Brothers Jason Newman and Daniel Newman '17 enjoy a trip to the theatre.

Two commencement ceremonies, one day

Jason graduated from Blair on a Thursday, while Daniel and Scott’s ceremonies, at Peddie and Lawrenceville, were both on the following Sunday. When the boys’ father found out that the graduations were on the same day, and at the same exact time, he reached out to the heads of the schools and asked if Scott could be first in line at Lawrenceville and Daniel last in the commencement line at Peddie. The schools agreed.

Jason: My dad and grandmother went to my brother Scott’s graduation at Lawrenceville, and a family friend and I went to Peddie. We were there ready to take pictures and videos in case our dad didn’t make it.

Daniel: There was a parking spot reserved for him right in front of Annenberg by the graduation tent so he could pull into the parking spot quickly. Luckily, everything worked out.

Family above rivalry on Blair Day

Jason: Whenever he was playing in a game [Daniel played football for Peddie], as much as I wanted Blair to win, I was rooting for Daniel. … None of my friends were ever mean-spirited that I had a brother going to Peddie. They actually thought it was pretty cool. They said the Newmans are going to take over the MAPL.

Daniel: I just enjoyed seeing my brother and my dad that day. And I thought it was cool to have a family experience.

Jason: Hopefully in 50 years when we’re 70 we’ll drive up together to Peddie or Blair Day and just enjoy the good old times and see what has changed since. I think this rivalry will always be a part of us.