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From the Peddie Chronicle Fall/Winter 2018 issue

Pete McClellan '90 P'19 '21

Todd Smith, Blair Class of '90

Pete McClellan and Todd Smith

From left: Todd Smith, Blair Class of '90, and Pete McClellan '90 P'19 '21 celebrate their graduation from Lafayette College in May 1994.

Where they met

As freshmen at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Pete recognized Todd’s Blair sweatshirt at a party and they instantly connected.

Pete: Todd was impressed right away.

Todd: Pete saw this outgoing, energetic, charismatic guy from Blair and he knew to stay close to him if he wanted to make friends at Lafayette.

The two soon realized that they had once gotten into a heated exchange on the soccer field that sent both of them to the bench with yellow cards. Eventually, Pete and Todd became roommates at Lafayette, which both of them described as a “great” experience.

What it’s like to be close friends with someone from a rival school

Pete: We obviously had our differences. For example, Todd was an excellent tennis player who looked like an intimidating football player while I was a great ping pong player who looked like an average ping pong player. Still, the common experiences we enjoyed while in boarding school helped to cement a relationship I cherish.

Todd: I am not sure if this friendship would have ever happened if we didn’t have that initial encounter from our Blair-Peddie soccer days. Which by the way I was UNDEFEATED in ... still stings Pete to this day that he NEVER beat my Blair teams. He may have beat us in baseball, but that doesn’t count since I didn’t play. I was too busy going undefeated against Peddie in tennis too.

Pete McClellan and Todd Smith

From left: Todd Smith, Blair Class of '90, and Pete McClellan '90 P'19 '21 at Lafayette College.

How Pete and Todd keep the rivalry fun

Pete: Todd is quick to remind me that he is undefeated as an athlete in this rivalry. Understanding that Todd is sensitive and perhaps even a fragile man, I rarely talk about the rivalry in terms of school records.

Seriously, even when we were in college and making the trip for a Peddie-Blair Day, I don’t remember us giving each other gibes. Rather, we were enjoying each other’s company, hanging out with folks from each other’s schools, and getting a yearly reminder of our good fortune – our alma maters have a rivalry that is the envy of every other high school in the nation.

Todd: I worked at Blair for five years out of college and then when I moved to Montclair [Todd is the athletic director at Montclair Kimberley Academy.] Pete headed to Peddie to begin his career there, so I think one of us has been working at our beloved alma maters since 1994. That has kept the friendship and the rivalry alive and kicking. ... I just can’t wait until we’re celebrating our 50th reunions from Blair and Peddie in 2040 and I can remind him once again that I was and still am UNDEFEATED against his Peddie teams!