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From the Peddie Chronicle Fall/Winter 2018 issue

Billy Long '84

Susan Long, Blair Academy

Bill Long '84 and Susan Long

From left: Susan Long and Billy Long '84 show off the Peddie-Blair rivalry on the Blair campus.

Where they met

At Washington College in Maryland in 1998. Susan and Billy are parents of two Blair alumni and one of their sons is a current Blair student.

How Billy, who grew up near Blairstown, wound up at Peddie

Billy: My father worked for [former Peddie Board of Trustees Chair] Finn Caspersen, so he pushed me to check the school out.

What it’s like for Billy to be part of a Blair family

Billy: It has gotten brought up a lot over the years and there has been a lot of good-natured ribbing, but it is all in good fun. I will say that my Peddie clothes are used every year in the Blair skits at the Peddie Eve pep rally.

Bill Long '84 and Susan Long

Billy and Susan share their thoughts on the Peddie-Blair rivalry

Susan: It has always been a positive and fun rivalry. I think this comes from the top down and the culture is carried down over the years. As much as we want to win, we are all friends.

Billy: The rivalry is intense, but there is something endearing about it. The intensity is there, but deep down, the schools are connected and care for each other.

What Blair Day is like for Billy these days

Billy: Until Susan starting working at Blair in 2008, we were always on the Peddie sidelines. Now, we switched. I hedge, no matter who wins. But I have been known to wear my Peddie t-shirt under my gear on Peddie-Blair Day.