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Kevin Marrazzo ’74 and Mary Runser ’74
Kevin Marrazzo ’74 and Mary Runser ’74 marry at Ayer Memorial Chapel on August 1, 1981.

Mary ("Bunky") Runser '74 & Kevin Marrazzo '74

Bunky: We don’t recall exactly when we met. We did set crew together with Harry Holcombe. He was wonderful. For years, whenever we would see him at reunion, he would say, “Kevin! Bunky!”

We were friends at Peddie. They didn’t have much mixing; they didn’t have dances or anything like that because there were so few girls at the school. 

We did not actually date until May 1977. But we stayed friends, corresponded by mail, as one did then. And even if we spoke on the phone, it had to be after 11 o’clock because it was much more expensive to call before 11 p.m. 

We got married August 1, 1981, in the [Ayer Memorial] Chapel. It was a beautiful place to get married. 

Peddie was such a good environment and so cohesive. We had the little mailboxes in Wilson Hall, and you could send notes to each other and go check your mail. Everybody pretty much knew most, if not everybody, else. And we were just lucky that we met when we did and had such a supportive environment, and we still love Peddie today. We were clearly well-suited for each other from the beginning. We’ve just had our 38th anniversary. 

Runser Candy Heart

Kevin: We started out as friends, and that’s the basis of the relationship. And at some point, she wasn’t dating anyone, and I wasn’t dating anyone, and I asked her out. We knew each other as friends and said, “Hey, let’s take this to another level.” 

Peddie, in general, was just such a great experience. The memories and summoning the recollections is just all great. Especially the Bunky part. Peddie is such a nurturing and enriching environment on many levels — learning, academics, new ideas, friends. 

We go back to reunion — it was just our 45th Reunion. And for those of you who are old enough to remember 45s (the little records), you would play them on your turntable, and you would put this 45 adapter on it. And Bunky has this symbol on her shirt in the reunion picture — a subtle reference to our 45th reunion.

Mary Runser ’74 and Kevin Marrazzo ’74
Mary Runser ’74 (bottom row, second right) and Kevin Marrazzo ’74 (bottom row, center) celebrate their 45th Reunion with their Peddie classmates on June 1, 2019.