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Kimberley and Christopher Nixon '00
The Nixons wed in Ayer Memorial Chapel on April 19, 2008.

Kimberley (Thompson) Nixon '00 & Christopher Nixon '00

Kim: We met on campus freshman year. We had the same friend circle, and we ran track together. I always had a crush on him, but it took a lot of effort on my part (me asking Chris for gum in chemistry class, or asking him to hold my blocks during track practice) for Chris to realize he liked me too! We went to prom junior year, and the rest is history.

In high school, you’re experiencing your highest highs and your lowest lows, with full-on teenage angst. We experienced all of those things together, and that really cemented us early on — being elected student body president (Kim), breaking sprint records (Chris), not getting into your first choice for college, the occasional disappointing test result, and pulling a hamstring (both!) — we did all those things together.

Our large group of Peddie friends still reflect back on the good ol’ days: Blair Day, bonfires, pizza on Main Street. Chris spent a lot of time with me and my friends in the Masters lounge. I spent a lot of time trying to impress his mom when she was volunteering on campus … and we took a lot of ribbing from friends for both. But we wouldn’t change anything, not a thing. 

Kimberley Nixon '00 and Christopher Nixon '00
Christopher Nixon ’00 and Kimberley Nixon ’00 at their junior prom in May 1999.
The Nixon '00 Family
The Nixon family: Christopher, Kimberley, Caleb and Cameron