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Elena Mucciarone ’86 and James Mucciarone ’86
Elena Mucciarone ’86 and James Mucciarone ’86 prepare for their senior prom.

James Mucciarone '86 & Elena (Tompkins) Mucciarone '86

We met during freshman and sophomore years but didn’t really start spending time together until Mr. Reimann’s English Honors class in winter term of junior year. Our favorite memories are hanging out in the canteen after classes and in the student center after family-style dinners. Junior and senior proms were good times. Conversations with Dean Bill McMann (nicknamed “Bert” in those days) were always fun.  

Mucciarone Candy Heart

Peddie is the root of our relationship, the common experience that we shared and have both grown from. Different paths brought us to Hightstown, but we have been on the same path ever since. Peddie is family for us.

If teenagers are looking for heroes aside from their parents, Peddie had no shortage of heroes for us. Faculty influenced our values and helped shape the people that we have become. Having those shared values and that common experience at such a formative age in our lives has kept us aligned for  35 years now.

Elena Mucciarone ’86 and James Mucciarone ’86
Elena (Tompkins) Mucciarone ’86, holding the Winant Cup for outstanding Peddie scholar-athlete, stands next to James Mucciarone ’86 after their commencement ceremony in May 1986.
James Mucciarone ’86 and Elena Mucciarone ’86
James Mucciarone ’86 and Elena Mucciarone ’86