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Jaleh Amouzegar '85 & Christopher Acito '85
Peddie graduates Jaleh Amouzegar '85 & Christopher Acito '85 celebrate at their May 1985 commencement ceremony.

Jaleh Amouzegar '85 & Christopher Acito '85

Jaleh: Chris and I sat with one person between us in chapel and community meeting for four years; we started dating at the end of senior year. We barely spoke until we were both peer leaders during our senior year. We became friendly and in the spring managed to gather three classmates and convince our parents to let us take a trip to Florida for spring break. 

After the trip, we spent a lot of time together. I was secretly hoping he would ask me to prom; two of my close friends were hoping to go with him too! He asked me to prom, and we began dating immediately. We became serious very quickly. We dated all through college, managing a four-hour distance between our two schools. 

We took one year off in graduate school and reunited at age 25, when we became engaged. I can honestly say that this relationship was the best thing that ever happened to me! Peddie helped solidify our relationship because we share many friends and memories, and we essentially grew up together. 

The Acito-Amouzegar family
The Acito-Amouzegar family (from left): Layla Acito, Christopher Acito ’85, Kamran Acito and Jaleh Amouzegar ’85