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Whether new to our state or born and bred, every Falcon has a bit of New Jersey in their blood. We polled Peddie students, faculty and staff this fall and asked their opinion about some age-old Garden State controversies.

Does Central Jersey even exist?

Heck yeah: 89%
No way: 6%
Huh?: 5%

An item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese or other fillings is called a ...

Hoagie: 53%
Sub: 28%
Sandwich: 13%
Hero: 6%

What is N.J.’s most prized breakfast meat called?

Pork Roll: 67%
Taylor Ham: 33%

How do you say it?

To the Beach: 62%
Down the shore: 36%
Other 2%


Yankees: 43%
Phillies: 30%
Mets: 27%


Devils: 51%
Flyers: 25%
Rangers: 24%


Giants: 51%
Eagles: 40%
Jets: 9%

Is N.J. cool for not letting you pump your own gas?

Yes: 63%
No: 37%

Who's king of the N.J. convenience stores?

Wawa: 84%
7-eleven: 9%
QuickChek: 4%
Other: 3%

From the Fall/Winter 2018 Peddie Chronicle