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Tim Somers P'15
Tim Somers P'15 owns Dune Donuts in Spring Lake, N.J.

Sweet inspiration

Mollie Somers '15 recently left her home in New York City to help her family provide much-needed sustenance to medical workers and first responders working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mollie’s father, Tim Somers, owns Dune Donuts in Spring Lake, N.J. He opened the shop in April 2019 after retiring from a career as a firefighter. This past March, as many businesses shuttered their doors, a local relief fund approached Tim to ask if he would be interested in supplying provisions for hospitals in the area.

Tim didn’t hesitate. “My dad was a firefighter for thirty years, and a lot of his friends are first responders,” said Mollie. “He was already thinking of ways he could help, so when a couple of people in town approached him, he was ready to jump.”

Mollie Somers '15 and Tim Somers P'15

Mollie Somers '15 (right) and her father prepare food at Dune Donuts for delivery to local medical workers and first responders.

Dune Donuts went from handling a few customers at a time to suddenly having huge orders to fill. “He had to restructure his business model,” said Mollie. That’s where Mollie and her family came to the rescue. While Tim is the donut maestro, Mollie and her brother, Trevor, often operate the grill making sandwiches. She and her sister, Maddie, also have a lot of fun decorating the donuts.

The Spring Lake community is a strong supporter of Dune Donuts, continuing to purchase curbside and even donating money for the medical community. 

“We collected $450 in one week,” said Mollie proudly. All the donations were sent to Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Tim is grateful for the strong bond he has with residents. “We are thankful that our customers have stuck with us as we navigate through the pandemic,” he said. “We couldn’t be happier to serve the community who supports us.”

The pride and emotion in Mollie’s voice were unmistakable as she spoke about her family. “I’m very proud of my parents. They’re incredible. They’ve given me so many opportunities from Peddie and going into college.”

“This is a time that I think can be really isolating, and it’s powerful for me to watch my parents step up and help other people when they themselves are going through this pandemic just like everyone else,” Mollie said. 

“They’re able to step up and show this kind of humanity that I would hope everyone would have right now. They’ve set such a really good example for me, showing me how we should be looking out for one another.”

Jersey Shore University Medical Center workers

Dune Donuts delivers food to medical workers at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Photos provided by Mollie Somers '15