Spring/Summer 2020 Chronicle Cover

From the Peddie Chronicle.

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Peddie presents The Wolves

Sarah DeLappe’s play “The Wolves” reveals a glimpse into the lives of nine high school-age girls on a travel soccer team. The audience listens in on a cacophony of conversation as the girls warm-up on the turf for their games. They gossip about things ranging from war and genocide to pop culture and their relationships. “In that time, we come to know them as unique individuals with distinctive voices,” said Liz Sherman, Peddie’s director of theater. Adding, “I have grown to love them all.”

The student cast and crew entertained audiences for three shows in October. The Freshman Musical, “Willy Wonka,” followed on November 16. Next up: Peddie’s Winter Musical “1776” opens in February.

From left: Nylah Lee '22 (#11), Emmy Zu '22 (#7), Nikita Dahiya '21 (#8), Rose Lichtman '21 (#13),  Chris Liang '20 (#46), Margot Steinhauser '21 (#8), Sanya Kumar '21 (#2), Sara Lougy '20 (#5)  and Hannah Keaton '20 (#00). Not pictured: Lindsay Fred Kartoz '21 (Soccer Mom)