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Peddie's new brand

Brand New

There are many ways to tell a story. Through people, through experiences, through history.

We also tell stories with symbols that speak in ways that words alone cannot.

A story as rich as Peddie’s needs to stay fresh and relevant. True to our motto, “We finish our labors to begin them anew,” we have recommitted to The Peddie School seal, first introduced to this community in 1875, as our primary brand mark.

The earnest farmer depicted in the center of the seal has served as a reminder to generations of Peddie students that we harvest what we sow, and that we are always growing, always improving and always embracing what the future holds.

In today’s world, the symbols of prominent institutions also appear on websites, T-shirts, cell phone cases, and any number of places. Accordingly, we have established a family of visual assets to present
the Peddie story.

The assertive Peddie wordmark and the bold “P,” while contemporary, are also exact replicas of the handwriting used in our original, hand-drawn seal. We are moving into the future, on the shoulders of our history.

This is the first change to Peddie’s visual identity in more than 15 years. It was an inclusive process that required input from many members of our community.

After all, it’s your story we are telling.

Peter Quinn signature

Peter A. Quinn P’15 ’18 ’21
Head of School

The Peddie School Brand Elements

The Peddie Seal is the formal logo of The Peddie School and is used as a stately expression of the Peddie brand. This symbol has been at the core of Peddie’s visual identity since 1875 and communicates significant symbolic meaning and history through its images and the school’s Latin motto. The new Peddie wordmark and monogram are derived directly from the seal.

The Peddie School logo redesign animated to show the origins of the wordmark and the monogram.
All of the elements from the Peddie brand trace their origins from the original hand-drawn seal.

What Does It Mean?

Students and alumni often ask about the artwork in the center of the seal and why a farmer represents our academic institution. The answer lies in the Latin motto which is the essence of the seal. “We finish our labors to begin them anew.” The artwork is a metaphor for Peddie. That farmer is actually a sower of seeds. He is seen bunching his jacket to hold his supply of seeds as gardeners often do. He is simultaneously tossing new seeds to the ground while harvesting the last batch, now represented as fully grown wheat. The sun is both setting over the mountains (labors finished) and it is rising over the mountains to represent a new day (beginning anew). 

The Old Gold And Blue

The return of the Peddie Seal also marks the return of “The Old Gold and Blue” to Peddie.

Old Gold and Blue

Updating The Seal

The original seal, first hand-drawn in 1875, was digitized for readability and for ease of use in 21st century applications.

Peddie old and new seal

Additional Elements

Born out of the main brand elements, these ancillary icons feature Peddie’s founding year and are used on apparel, merchandise and in athletics to provide further versatility to the Peddie brand.

Peddie brand icon
Peddie brand icon

The Peddie Brand In Action

From banners, flags and signs to hats, scarves and uniforms, the new Peddie brand can now be seen all over campus. Show your own Peddie pride by visiting The Peddie Store (now rebranded and stocked with new merch) in the student center or online.

The Peddie brand in action