The Signature Experience at Peddie

At Peddie, you help build your own education.

Let's face it, your ambitions might be too big for the four walls of a classroom. You want to step outside and pursue your passions in the real world. We get it. At Peddie, we do that all the time. The Signature Experience program is about one question: If you could study anything, anywhere ... what would you choose?

When you begin your Signature Experience in junior year, you'll have the opportunity to design your own program of independent research or creative work and pursue it under the guidance of a faculty mentor. You'll be embarking on a deep dive into a subject that excites you while gaining real-world expertise and connecting with experts in that field. In short, you'll have an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience that propels you into being a well-rounded, curious, involved global citizen.

student in Germany for his signature experience

Your Summer Signature Experience might take you on a trip to Berlin, Germany



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Nicole Stillwell

Coral Reef Surveys and Terrapin Nesting Project

For her Summer Signature project, Nicole Stillwell '20 spent two-and-a-half weeks in the British Virgin Islands at a marine biology camp learning advanced diving skills and participating in clean-ups, coral reef surveys and research. At home she continued her journey by working at the Terrapin Nesting Project in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, where she helped care for terrapins and researched  methods for protecting them from the changing environment. She then brought terrapins to school for continued research and exploration and to spread awareness.

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Signature Experiences rival college-level curricula. For many alumni, the Signature Experience has a profound impact on their academic and professional careers after Peddie.

The culmination of every Signature Experience is sharing what you've discovered — in a performance, a presentation or a panel — with the Peddie community.

What will you discover?