The Signature Experience at Peddie

At Peddie, you build your own education.

That's why we created the Signature Experience. In your junior and senior years, you'll have the opportunity to design your own program of independent research or creative work and pursue it under the guidance of faculty mentors.

Whether you want to study the inner workings of robots, hone your creative writing skills, dive deep into a foreign language or curate an art exhibit, you can immerse yourself fully in your field of choice. You'll have even more freedom if you choose a summer program, where the entire experience – the concept, the goals and the execution – belongs to you. No matter what you want to study, you'll find a place for it at Peddie.


My EXP [Signature Experience] at Stanford created such a passion for research. I was able to join a lab at Vanderbilt my first semester since I had that experience. I am still doing research in a quantitative methods/psychology lab and writing a thesis. Over these past 3 years, I have been fortunate enough to to publish multiple papers and am looking to pursue a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior once I graduate. None of this would have been possible or even on my radar if it weren’t for EXP, so thank you so much for inspiring my passion for research. Megan Gabruk ’17

EXP research paper Gabruk '17
Gabruk '17
Morike Ayodeji


Investigating the Effect of 4-Vinylcyclohexene Diepoxide Treatment on Depressive Behavior in a Mouse Model

Stuart '21


China's Belt and Road Initiative and Opportunities for Cooperation


Avery Best ’21

LANGUAGES (Spanish):

A Comparison of Spanish and American Healthcare Systems and Their Responses to COVID-19

Mehak Bhardwaj ’21


Analysis of Hydrenchyma to Determine How C3 and C4 Plants Adapt in Drought Environments

Melissa Cao ’21


Modeling Suitable Habitats of the Endangered Giant Pandas Using Remote Sensing

Zayd Charles ’21


Similarities and Differences: The roles of domesticated animals within French and Senegalese society


Meghna Chityala ’21


Abstractive Summarization of Postoperative Data Using Machine Learning Techniques


Nikita Dahiya ’21


Investigation of Factors Influencing the Diminishing Everglades Ecosystem through Remote Sensing

Howard Fung ’21


Investigating the Effect of the Dike Kokaral Dam on the Health of the Ecosystem Surrounding the Aral Sea from 2005 to 2010 Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Lauren Gabruk ’21


Differences in Weight, Diet and Physical Activity Among US Young Adult Food-Delivery App Users and Non-users

Harry Heering ’21


Le gallo: the slow death of Brittany's traditional language and its link to the region's history

Toma Hirose ’21


Analyzing the Environmental Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown in Tokyo and Beijing Using Remote Sensing

Nathen Ho ’21


Analyzing Top Dynamics through AprilTag Tracking within MATLAB

Hanni Kim ’21


Predicting Malaria Outbreak in Namibia Using Machine Learning

Sanya Kumar ’21


Analyzing Anak Krakatau to Deduce the Effects of a Volcanic Eruption on the Region

Taylor Knox ’21


The Chinese Cultural Revolution and Its Effects on Religion in China


Meera Pawale ’21


Investigation the Impact of Oil Spills on Biodiversity in the Gulf of Mexico Using Remote Sensing

Sam Shi ’21


Targeting of Human Proteins by the COVID-19 Protease 3CLpro


Junbo Yu ’21


The Effect of Meditation on Brain Physiology and Longevity