The Signature Experience at Peddie

At Peddie, you build your own education.

That's why we created the Signature Experience. In your junior and senior years, you'll have the opportunity to design your own program of independent research or creative work and pursue it under the guidance of faculty mentors.

Whether you want to study the inner workings of robots, hone your creative writing skills, dive deep into a foreign language or curate an art exhibit, you can immerse yourself fully in your field of choice. You'll have even more freedom if you choose a summer program, where the entire experience – the concept, the goals and the execution – belongs to you. No matter what you want to study, you'll find a place for it at Peddie.


Nicole Stillwell


Coral Reef Surveys and Terrapin Nesting Project

During the summer I was lucky enough to spend about two-and-a-half weeks in the British Virgin Islands at a marine biology camp. I advanced my diving skills and was able to participate in improving the environment through clean-ups, coral reef surveys, and other research. Back home I continued my journey by working at the Terrapin Nesting Project in LBI where I helped to research and care for terrapins and help to protect them from the changing environment. My Summer Signature culminated in being able to bring terrapins to school for continued research and exploration in order to spread awareness. It was so inspiring to see how many people the experience had affected and wanted to help us!

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Gabriel Garcia


Return to Roots: Defining Moments in Childhood

My Arts Signature Experience included a six-week intensive summer course in painting at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), which challenged me technically and introduced me to the lifestyle of an art college.  When I returned to Peddie this fall, I integrated these new skills and developed my style further in Honors Studio Art, working on a new body of paintings in gouache for my senior thesis.  My goal in each piece is to create a fantastical scene rooted in childhood memories that sparks a sense of awe in the viewer. It is only through art that I can communicate these feelings to others.  My Signature Experience has been an important time of discovery and development for my art style and my future in art-making.

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Christina Liang


Rising Up: The History and Culture of Protest in France

During the summer, I studied abroad for one month in Rennes, France, doing a CIEE HS Abroad French Language and Culture Intensive. This school year, I completed a French independent project that examined the history and culture of protests, strikes, and revolutions in France. I was already interested in learning about French culture and improving my proficiency in French, and this experience helped me accomplish those two goals, but now, it's inspired me to broaden my horizons!

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Connie Wang


Rediscovering my culture

I traveled to China to work with professionals in creating a summer intensive program for kids from around the world who wanted to learn more about Chinese culture. The two-week program allowed kids to visit and explore China and interact with Chinese students. My own experience allowed me to visit landmarks, try new foods, write calligraphy and even play traditional Chinese instruments. I gained a lot more than I expected during my time in China!

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Morike Ayodeji


Investigating the Effect of 4-Vinylcyclohexene Diepoxide Treatment on Depressive Behavior in a Mouse Model

I worked at Modylab at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where I spent the summer measuring physical activity levels in mice against their brain activity levels using a behavioral test and Igor Pro 2.0 software in order to characterize Post-Menospaual Depression in Mice. The results thus far show a promising difference between the physical and neuronal behavior of the menopause-model mice and the control mice. With this, we can characterize the changes that occur during menopause that can lead to Post-Menopausal Depression.  

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Isrith Bidkar creative writing


Good Enough: A Screenplay

During my Signature Experience, I went to the Juniper Young Writers Institute at University of Massachusetts Amherst, and took a course that encompassed different types of writing. My Signature Experience culminated in a twenty-page script as a capstone project, various other pieces of writing, and notes on how to be a more effective writer.

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