Let’s build some robots.

Deepen your understanding of robotics beyond what you can learn in the classroom. You'll choose one of two tracks – Engineering or Computer Science – and develop expertise in this exciting and evolving field.

Participate in FIRST Robotics, the pinnacle of high school robotics competitions. Working alongside your teammates, you'll use industry standard tools and software to build and program a 120 lb. robot.

Take some of Peddie's most exciting electives in our Digital Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) and expand your expertise through summer study at the university level. The Fab Lab features a design studio with computer-aided design software and an engineering studio with professional equipment, including a CNC laser, mill, router and lathe, as well as 3D printers.

Peddie Robotics Signature Experience

The beauty of the Fab Lab is that there aren't any limits on what you can produce.RENEE '18