Research Science

Science class just got real.

Researching child development, genetic mutations or computer programming in a professional laboratory setting is far from the standard high school science experience. The Research Science Signature Experience (also known as EXP) will help you develop your passion for scientific research and perhaps inspire career exploration in science-related fields.

As an EXP student, you'll go beyond the textbook to develop the intellectual curiosity and personal courage that come from working in a research lab, become an“expert” in a specific area and enjoy the confidence that comes with such knowledge. Starting in junior year, you'll enroll in a course that will introduce you to scientific literature, lab expectations and common laboratory techniques. With help from faculty, you'll apply for summer internships in professional laboratories and research facilities. In the fall of senior year, you'll present your research at Peddie and act as peer mentor to new students in the program.

Studying zebrafish

During the summer before her senior year at Peddie, Cait Barrett '17 studied zebrafish alongside graduate students in the Mullins Lab at University of Pennsylvania. "I thought that EXP did a really good job of preparing me for this," she said. "Before I set foot in a lab, I had to write proposals about what I was going to do and read scientific articles written by the Ph.D. I worked with so that when I went to the lab, I understood what was going on. That allowed me to be more in step than a normal high schooler."

Peddie EXP