Geology, Astronomy & Abiogenesis

Terms: 1, 2 or 3
Grades: 10,11,12,PG

How old is the universe? How did it start? What is our place in it and how and when did life begin on Earth? The evolution of the universe from one whose periodic table initially contained only two elements to one that sustains intelligent life is an epic tale on the grandest of scales. This course will examine the history of the universe from its origins to the emergence of intelligent life on Earth. An integrated approach will be used to discuss the physics of the early universe, the formation of the sun and planets, the geology of the early earth, the chemistry of the primeval oceans and the atmosphere, and finally the biological principles that help us understand of the evolutionary processes that drove the adaptation of single celled organisms into multicellular life that has the capacity to understand its place in the universe. 

Students are encouraged to take all 3 terms of this course, but it is designed to allow them to take only the terms that fit into their schedules. Students enrolled in FALL term will automatically be enrolled for winter term.

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