Math Problem Solving: Algebra & Geometry  (MPS1)

Terms: 3
Grades: 9,10
Prerequisite: A full course in Algebra I

This course accomplishes two essential goals necessary for success in later mathematics.  First, it develops a robust and confident knowledge of the fundamentals of algebra and geometry, material that is at the core of all later study.  Second, and just as important, it cultivates the essential skills and habits required to make use of mathematics, including the ability to approach unfamiliar problems with creativity, to communicate mathematical ideas clearly, to be persistent and resilient in the face of complexity and ready to apply suitable tools and techniques to the problem at hand.   The mathematical content of the course includes more advanced applications of material from Algebra I, as well as material drawn from the traditional content of Geometry and Algebra II.  Topics are woven throughout the course to build a deeper and more confident knowledge.

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