Financial Markets and Investment

Terms: 1
Grades: 11, 12, PG
Prerequisite: None

This course is designed for students looking to take a more prudent and active role in understanding and planning for their financial future. Students will be introduced to the decision-making involved when making investments, with a focus on the range of options individuals can use in developing plans for their financial future. We will begin by discussing some of the hurdles an individual faces in today's changing financial landscape. This course will include learning about the trading of and the difference between cash, treasuries, corporate bonds, stocks, muitual funds, exchange-traded-funds, and other asset classes. Students will use Excel-based spreadsheets and matematical tools such as regression analyisis, probability/risk assessment, bond calculation and others in analyzing investment plans. The nature of the course will lead to discussions of personal borrowing and credit, retirement and college savings accounts, insurance and other financial safeguards, as well as online resources that students can utilize to gather greater financial information.

  • Math course