Spanish IV Honors 

Terms: 3
Grades: 10,11,12,PG
Prerequisite:  Spanish III, Spanish III Honors, or Spanish IV and recommendation of department

Sophomores and Juniors wishing to take the AP Spanish Language class in their junior or senior year may take this course. Students must end Spanish III or Spanish III Honors in the A range in order to enroll in this class.

The class will introduce the topics that are covered in the AP class. Grammar and vocabulary will be integrated into these topics. Spanish will be the only language spoken by the teacher and the students. Through an introduction to the types of questions on the AP test, students will develop the speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills necessary to be successful in the AP course. The text for this course includes magazine articles, movies, stories, and current events that students will find interesting and relevant to their daily lives. The vocabulary and grammar for this course will be intensive and students will be expected to write many essays and give presentations often in order to prepare them for the following year.

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