AP History of Art 

Terms: 3
Grades :  12
Prerequisite:  Enrollment requires permission from the History Department

This colorful and dynamic approach to history allows us to learn about the past by looking at the most awe-inspiring creations of humankind across the millennia.  We study major forms of artistic expression (painting, drawing, architecture, sculpture, printmaking, photography, etc.) from the ancient world to the present day.  We learn to analyze works of art within their historical context, considering the ways that such factors as politics, religion, patronage, gender, and ethnicity impact artists and the work they make. 

As part of a college-level survey course with an ambitious agenda, students should expect lengthy homework assignments -- watching videos, reading online essays, and visiting websites about various works of art.   Students must also gradually memorize information about the artworks we study in order to discuss them knowledgeably.  The class is particularly well-suited to visual learners, to those who enjoy making art, and to students who want to become better-educated connoisseurs of visual culture.  Each term will include at least one museum trip. 

All students are required to take the AP Art History exam in May. 

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