Terms : 1
Grades : 11, 12, PG
This course will explore magical, colorful, and layered worlds. The Italian writer Italo Calvino produced some of the most conceptually brilliant and aesthetically beautifully works of the 20th Century. While the concepts behind some of his stories can seem absurd—one story features an insecure dinosaur; another examines mating rituals for tortoises— the substance of his work perceptively and unflinchingly portrays characters and society. This pursuit of storytelling through fantastical allegory is also apparent in the films of the California studio Pixar, which delivers nuanced films through bizarre settings. In this elective, we’ll examine short stories and novels by Calvino, and analyze several Pixar short and feature-length films. Like the subjects of this course, our work fun and playful, but it will also examine characters and situations with a seriousness of purpose.
  • English course