AP English Literature

Terms :  2 (fall and winter)
Grades :  11

Students choose one of the following:

Moral Dilemmas in American Literature 
Character is reflected by the choices one makes in life. Students will use this premise to examine a variety of topics in American literature and in their own lives. While developing close critical reading and writing skills, students will discover more about the (literary) history of the United States as well as the moral dilemmas that have helped shape their own identities.

Historical Fiction
This course will investigate fiction that explores events, people, and ideas throughout American History. The course’s topics will loosely align with Peddie US History courses throughout the fall and winter, and we will read fiction for not only its human and literary resonance, but also its historical arguments and allegories. 

Human beings use stories as a way to understand and move through the world around them. Throughout this course, we will examine autobiographies that capture various moments in American history. In our exploration, we will discover the importance of telling one's own story and question the construction of American individuality.

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