• Arts: Visual Arts
Honors Studio Art 

Terms: 3
Grades : 12
Prerequisite: Permission of the arts faculty

This is Peddie’s Signature course in the visual arts – our most advanced and independent offering. It begins with an intensive self-portrait project and a series of exercises designed to encourage creative thinking.  At the end of fall term each student defines a personal concentration that s/he will explore in depth for the remainder of the year. The course is designed for self-motivated and resourceful students who are willing to push themselves beyond the limits of conventional art and to engage in rigorous dialogue about their work. In addition to individual meetings with the instructors, students will gather regularly for group critiques and presentations about contemporary artists for inspiration. All students create a digital portfolio of their artwork that may be used for college admissions. Students exhibit their work in the Honors Thesis Exhibit in May. 

  • Visual Arts Course