• Arts: Visual Arts

Terms: 2
Grades : 10,11,12

We spend most of our lives in buildings. We make our homes in them. We go to school, work, and dream in them. But why and how did architects start making buildings? How did they learn to make them stronger, bigger, and more beautiful? This course teaches students design and building skills within this fascinating discipline. Taking Paul Goldberger’s classic book ‘Why Architecture Matters’ as a starting point, we will learn how to design and build buildings, from the first sketches through using AutoCAD software to model-making and operating carpentry power tools. Additionally, we will explore a brief history of masterpieces, from the Egyptian pyramids to buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry. We will also learn the stories of dozens of remarkable buildings and the stories of the architects who designed them, from houses like Fallingwater to super skyscrapers such as the Freedom Tower. Anyone who has ever dreamed of building a house, or read ‘Towards a New Architecture’ by Le Corbusier, should find this action-packed course irresistible.

  • Visual Arts Course