We offer 150 courses and 34 subject areas for AP and Honors. Our curriculum covers the major disciplines (arts, English, history, language, math, science)—and then it takes off: offerings in neurobiology, robotics, genetics. Classes like Green Architecture, Financial Markets and Investment, Modern India. We develop new courses every year. And we’re always thinking of ways to adapt courses to new information and new ideas, include hands-on experience and apply coursework in the real world.

A successful educational journey is not just about being able to recite the correct answers. It's about being able to think about what is being studied in a critical and careful way, and even more, to develop one's own voice to learn and express it with confidence. We have learned this at Peddie. Pras Hongladaromp '02

It's about innovation


Please note: Peddie has a three-term academic calendar. Not all courses are offered every term; various electives are offered based on course enrollment.







Curriculum spotlight

One of the things our teachers love about Peddie is the encouragement and support from the administration for innovation in the classroom. Departmentally, faculty are continually motivated to bring new course ideas to the table. Here, we highlight electives being offered by the English Department this spring.
Navigating "The Influencing Machine" - Truth, Power, and Trust in the Media
Ethics in STEM
The Evolution of the Vampire in Literature and Film
 Chick Lit: Modern Female Relationships
Human Noir: A Comparative Study in Hitchcock and Nabokov
Contemporary Plays and Playwriting