Peddie Writing Center

peddie writing center

At its best and most simple, the Peddie Writing Center aims to create a campus-wide culture in which students have conversations about how to explore and convey knowledge and understanding. Students who utilize and work at the Writing Center understand that communication, in its many forms, is a crucially important skill in today’s world, one which transcends disciplines, and even the classroom at large. Furthermore, students involved with the Writing Center understand that one of the best ways to improve as a writer is to have conversations about the craft, and to receive exposure to the writing and ideas of others. In having these conversations, students not only develop as writers and thinkers, but as leaders and mentors, creating a community committed to lifelong learning and inquiry.

What we are: Upperclassmen, selected for their talent both as writers and leaders, helping underclassmen with outlines, revisions, creative work, and anything else writing-related.

What We Are Not: A proofreading service. While we look forward to helping you shape your thoughts and ideas, pointing out areas in which your writing might improve, any work you create must be your own.

Come visit!

Located in the Annenberg Library, Peddie Writing Center has both day and evening hours. Questions? email