Academic Resources

Figuring out how you learn best is part of your journey as a student. The Peddie community will help you do just that.

The needs of both students and teachers continually evolve throughout the learning process. At Peddie, students and teachers take a team approach, providing proactive support for each other so that all are empowered to achieve a higher level of effectiveness.

Academic Support is here for you, every step of the way.

Academic Support offices are located in the Yu Child Development Center.



If a student is having academic difficulty for any reason, that student, the student's parent(s), advisor, or teacher(s) may contact the Academic Support Office. Once a referral is made, an informal individual plan is developed for each student. This may involve attempting alternate teaching strategies, focusing on time management, or working on developing stronger study habits and skills in weekly or twice weekly meetings with the director of Academic Support.

Educational evaluation

In some cases, an educational evaluation may be done to determine or rule out a possible learning disability or attention problem. While Peddie does not offer psychological or educational testing, the office of Academic Support can refer students to several qualified and respected local agencies. Extended time accommodations for testing can be arranged for students who have documentation on file with the school that specifically supports this need.

This school made me appreciate human interaction, knowledge, and cultural experiences more than I ever could have imagined. The institution, itself, is a place that builds students up by forcing themselves to push themselves and question what they are capable of. I am most proud of the person Peddie showed me that I can be. Elizabeth "Scout" Zabinski '16

Additional Learning Support

Math Clinic

Staffed by Math department faculty members with both day and evening hours several times each week, the Math Clinic provides a collaborative atmosphere where students can receive individual assistance with math courses and/or work together with other students and faculty.

Writing Center


This peer-run organization brings together upperclassmen, selected for their talent as both writers and leaders, together with underclassmen. Assisting with outlines, revisions, creative work, and other writing-related skills, the Writing Center staff seeks to help other students in the quest to become better communicators and create a community committed to lifelong learning and inquiry. The Writing Center has both day and evening hours by appointment.

Study Hall

Held Sunday through Friday school nights from 8:00-10:00 p.m., study hall is an opportunity for students to have uninterrupted time to focus on quiet and group work. The structure of Study Hall varies by grade, with the goal of creating life-long learning habits.

Quiet Study

Held in a classroom in the Caspersen History House during Study Hall hours, Quiet Study offers a supervised atmosphere of silent study.

Extra Help

Faculty members at Peddie hold conference hours every school day, Monday through Friday, from 3:00-3:30 p.m. In addition, faculty are eager to meet with students for extra help during free periods or in the evenings, and will often hold group review sessions before tests or assessments.

Tristram Wood

Tristram Wood

Director of Academic Support
Academic Support, English
Maxine Brown

Maxine Brown

Office Assistant
Academic Support, Student Counseling
Maryanne Corica

Maryanne Corica

Academic Support Counselor
Academic Support