What my laptop stickers tell you about me

By Sarah DiLuzio '19

I like to think of my laptop stickers as a way to express myself and give other people insight into who I am. I use my laptop all day at Peddie, whether to write an essay, check Canvas for homework or just to watch some Netflix on a Saturday night. Every sticker holds its own story, its own meaning.


It’s the sticker with the biggest story behind it. So big, in fact, that I gave a chapel speech about it with four other Peddie students last spring. NOLS stands for the National Outdoor Leadership School, something that I was fortunate to have taken part in with other Peddie students. Imagine five of us from Peddie, isolated in the Adirondacks with two counselors for one week. We used our newly acquired leadership skills to navigate 30 miles, with only the 40-pound bags we carried on our backs. By the end, we learned an overwhelming amount about ourselves and how we handle difficult situations, and we learned about leadership and how many different ways there is to be a leader. Peddie provided us with an opportunity to learn valuable lessons outside of the classroom.


There’s a lot of hype about these water bottles, and everyone around me seems to own one of them. My roommate gave me a blue Yeti for Christmas last year, and it came with this sticker. I’ve filled up my Yeti during study hall (which is from 8 - 10 p.m.) and found that the water is still cold when I come back to it the next night. To say the least, I have now hopped on the Yeti support train.


Gov Ball

I have two Gov Ball stickers. Gov Ball is short for Governors Ball, a music festival that takes place on Randall’s Island in New York City about an hour away from Peddie. A lot of Peddie students go to the festival every year as it takes place in early June, right when school finishes for the year. I went with my best friend Jess two days after finishing my sophomore year, and I had an amazing time there with her and other Peddie students.

Vineyard Vines

In the middle of my laptop, there are two big Vineyard Vines stickers, both from my roommate. The one on the right was given to me the same time as the Yeti, as a Christmas gift. The one on the left was my first-ever laptop sticker, which my roommate got me early on during our sophomore year when we first started rooming together. Needless to say, my roommate is my main sticker supplier.

Sticky Bumps

Sticky Bumps is a surf wax company that have a line of scents from their original wax for candles. I like the blueberry scent.


I am from Long Island, about 90 minutes from Peddie. On breaks or during the summer, I enjoy going back home and seeing my friends. During the summer before my junior year, Shannon (one of my best friends from home) and I went to see one of our favorite bands, Pros and ICons. They’re a small local band on the rise, and they know both Shannon and me by name. We spoke with them before the show, and they gave us a bunch of free stickers. I highly recommend checking them out!Laptop stickers may seem ordinary, but once you dive into the meaning of each, you can learn a lot about the person who has them and who or what matters most to them.


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Many Peddie students (and faculty) adorn their laptops with a wide array of stickers.
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