Tour guides don't bite!


Charlotte Heacock ’19 provides some tips on how to make the most of your tour.

As a tour guide for the past three years, I've given plenty of tours. I have gotten endless questions about the academics, sports, dorm life, and the typical, but nonetheless important, "Why did you choose Peddie?"

When I was applying to Peddie and was given my tour, I don't think I asked a single question – and that is something that I advise every prospective student NOT to do. You may be scared and shy just like I was but I promise, the tour guides don't bite!

Every tour guide at Peddie gives tours because they want to. It is something we all enjoy and take time out of our busy days to do. From my experience, the most rewarding and memorable tours are the ones where both the student and the tour guide ask questions and are actively engaged in getting to know one another. If you love to play the violin or are interested in running track, as a tour guide and a Peddie student, I want to know that so that I can tell you more about what Peddie can offer you.

Charlotte at Open House reception

Charlotte "schmoozing" at a recent Open House at Peddie.


It is totally normal to come into a tour with some pre-planned questions you plan on asking if that makes you more comfortable, but don’t feel any pressure to. The best questions are ones that can provide you with the information that you need. Whatever your question, I promise that you will get an answer or be pointed in the direction of somebody who can answer your question. Feel free to come up with some unique or odd question you are curious about. For example, "How's the food?" "Do day students really get to know the boarders?" or even "How many different types of trees do you have on campus?" If you can't think of one beforehand, that's okay! Maybe you will think of one while you are on your tour and that’s great too!

Following are my top three tips for your tour:

1. Be yourself! The oldest advice in the book. Yes, it may seem overused but it genuinely will make your tour the most helpful and memorable for both you and your tour guide and will really help you figure out if Peddie is the right fit for you.

2. Engage! It's not always about the questions you ask but how you respond to the answer you are given. Make your question the beginning of a conversation. React to the answer and follow it up by asking another question you may have. Instead of doing the old "one and done" where you ask your question and get your answer and say "Oh, okay thank you," keep the conversation going! Learn and ask more!

3.The more you put in, the more you get out! There are specific things that all tour guides say on every tour so that you all get the necessary information, however, tell your tour guide what you like to do and what you want to be involved in. The more your tour guide knows about you, the more personalized your tour can be and the more you will learn about the things you are interested in.

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