Top 11 Dorm Essentials


If it’s your first time living away from home, it’s hard to know what to pack.  Fortunately, tour guide Marissa Boice ’20 has your back. Here are her top 11 dorm essentials (that you haven’t thought of yet)!

1. Shower Shoes
Shower shoes are an essential that most incoming Falcons forget. Do your feet a favor and protect them from whatever lingers on the bathroom floor. Your shower shoes don’t need to be stylish, but they’re very practical.

2. Bed Risers
Having bed risers allows for extra space underneath your bed and gives your bed extra height, creating a cozier atmosphere. I strongly suggest getting the bed risers with outlets for your phone, laptop and other electronic necessities.

3. Mattress Pad
A typical boarding school mattress is not like your bed at home. A mattress pad is a necessity that you should invest in to customize your sleeping experience. I recommend a memory foam mattress pad that is at least 3 inches so it doesn’t wear down and get shorter over time.

4. Fridge
I would hold off on buying a fridge before arriving on campus, as this is an investment that you and your roommate can make together. It’s also practical to see where your fridge would go and make sure it’s the right size. With biweekly Target shuttles, Peddie makes it easy to pick up your favourite drinks and snacks on the weekends.

5. Portable Speaker
Speakers are great for playing music in your room, while you take a shower or while hanging on the quad with your friends. A portable speaker means you can take your music along, wherever Peddie takes you.

6. Lamp
Light in dorms can be dim, and having a lamp is useful for late-night studying. If your roommate wants the lights off and you need them on, you are all set.

7. Storage Bins
I own way too many useless things and a dorm room lacks the space to store everything. Using those bed risers from tip #2, you can lift your bed high enough that storage bins fit right under your bed. These also double as boxes when moving out!

8. Desk Chair
Personally, if I attempt to do homework on my bed, it ends with me taking a nap. Although Peddie provides a chair for everyone, you might want to pick up a chair with a little more cushion to keep you comfy while you study.

9. Fan/AC
As someone that lives in North Carolina, I didn’t expect New Jersey’s fall and spring to be that hot. But apparently, it can be, even if it is only for a week! A dorm box fan will get you through these hot and humid days.


10. Reusable Water Bottle
I highly recommend bringing a reusable water bottle to school as Peddie is environmentally friendly and has water fountains everywhere. I might also suggest a mug. Even if you don’t have a Keurig or a kettle in your room, your dorm lounge will most likely have one that you can use.

11. Power Strips
A dorm room functions as a bedroom, living room and a kitchen all in one. With that said, you need all the outlets you can get. I would recommend getting one or two power strips so that you can have one by your bed and one by your desk.

From creative storage solutions to cozy decor, from a snack stash that stays cool to music that goes where you do, there are lots of things you can do to make your dorm room at Peddie truly yours.

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