The best class I’ve taken

Margot '21 was initially disappointed that she couldn't take honors biology her sophomore year. Surprisingly, though, the biology class she did take soon became her favorite — and the one that taught her the most about herself as a student.

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every class I have taken at Peddie so far but my favorite class to date is sophomore biology. 

Before Peddie, I had always considered myself to be an English and history student. I was a solid math and science student, but I much preferred English and history. I took pride in being a “Z-dot” reader, the highest level at my elementary school, and can remember dragging my mom to Barnes & Noble all the time to get tons of books. In eighth grade, I took American History and completely fell in love with the class. 

So naturally, when I got to Peddie, I was sure I would continue to focus my attention on English and history classes rather than math or science. However, one term in humanities made me realize that this might not be the case – I struggled. 

Unfortunately, my performance in humanities made me ineligible to take honors biology as a sophomore, which was disheartening at first. Fortunately, my attitude changed when I saw who was going to be teaching my class: Mrs. Morgan. She had been my chemistry teacher freshman year, and now I was going to be in her class again! I couldn’t have been happier.

On the first day of sophomore year, our biology class had only ten people and was the smallest class I had ever been in. I could tell it was going to be a fun class as soon as I walked in. And it was fun, but it was challenging too. I had never taken a course where I needed to take such detailed notes and study for so many hours before a test. I didn’t want to give up on myself, so I started seeing Mrs. Morgan to talk over concepts that confused me. While it was sometimes difficult to keep up with, I found myself enjoying doing my bio homework and studying with friends. I eventually came up with a note-taking system that helped me organize the massive amount of information we were given. At the end of each term, reviewing these notes made it clear how much information we had gone over, and it was daunting at times just to reread them. 

My new study habits helped me do very well in that class, and as a result, a lot of my peers wanted to study with me. I began to love both the people in my class as well as the material we were learning. My biology class became so meaningful to me as a student that I decided to sign up for AP Biology in my junior year. I couldn’t be more grateful to Mrs. Morgan and the rest of our bio class for teaching me so much about myself.

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