My favorite place on the planet

Will ’21 loves to introduce prospective families to Peddie, and share his favorite school fun fact.

My love for Peddie began when I was a prospective student on my tour. I understood this was a place I could grow and thrive. I loved being on campus and imagining myself as a student. My tour guide mentioned that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke at our chapel (my favorite fun fact about Peddie). I imagined myself walking the halls, going to chapel and even getting dress-coded by Mr. Quinn, our head of school. 

During Revisit Day for accepted students, I stopped by the tour guides’ stand at the activities fair and knew I wanted to do this when I became a Peddie student. Now, I’m proud to be a head tour guide and explain to visitors why Peddie is my favorite place on the planet. I really enjoy talking to new people and hearing why they are interested in Peddie. When families enjoy their tour, it brightens my day. 

When families enjoy their tour, it brightens my day.

Showing families around campus is also my way to say thank you. Peddie has given me so much in the two years I’ve been here, and I want to give back. As an underclassman, I’ve truly found myself and my best friends in the world. Going into high school, I didn’t know what type of person I wanted to be. I’ve been the best version of myself these past two years, meeting new friends and learning something new every day. I’ve developed interests in chemistry research and economics. I’ve traveled outside of my comfort zone and discovered new qualities about myself. 

Peddie has become my home away from home, not just because I sleep over in my friends’ dorm room every Saturday night, but because I feel a part of something bigger than myself here. During each tour I give, I try to share that same feeling with each prospective student and their family.

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