Tim Corica shares his "delight in mathematics" with students

Timothy Corica P'03 '08 has been a beloved teacher at Peddie since 1979. In his time here, he has been the Math Department Chair for a collective 18 years, was the Director of Technology for nine years, and spent three years as Dean of Faculty. He currently chairs the STEM Research and Development Committee.

Though he had an interest in mathematics from a very young age, eventually leading to his A.B. in Chemistry and MSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University, Corica credits his students for reigniting his passion for the field. “I hope to be able to share my delight in mathematics with students of any level. My not-so-secret goal is to have my students – of any level – bring up at the family dinner table some piece of cool math that they saw in my classroom … I’m always striving to show students how the math that they are studying helps explain how the world works.”

There can be a stigma and a fear surrounding math and science, particularly for young women, but this stigma is largely absent at Peddie, due in part to Corica’s efforts. “Students and the Peddie community that they swim in make their own contribution. So when 20+ girls get up on a Sunday morning for a coding workshop, or when a junior and a senior girl organize and implement a Girls Who Code chapter, they make their own difference.  And in a community like Peddie, there’s no stigma about girls who enjoy science and math – learning and curiosity is respected and admired in everyone.”

The Peddie community has been a constant in Corica’s life. His two sons graduated from Peddie. In 1981, he married his wife in Peddie Chapel, with students and faculty as guests and a cake reception in the dining hall. He has been a part of this community for 39 years.

"Learning,” Corica said, “comes from being in a community of learners, as well as from teachers. It's about learning what's true and what's right. Education is a lifetime process, and should be a joyful one."