Manya Kaushik ’21

Carbon Dioxide Solubility in Ionic Liquids Using Machine Learning

Ionic liquids are a newer technology used for selective capture of carbon dioxide from air streams, but since they are quite new, there is not much information about which ionic liquids are the best for carbon capture. I used the coding language of Python to create a random forest regression model of carbon dioxide solubility in ionic liquids using experimental data as inputs. Based on the model, we could determine which functional groups had the largest effect on carbon dioxide solubility. Ionic liquids with high carbon dioxide solubility are better suited for carbon capture, so using the results from my model, we made a suggestion for which ionic liquids should be tested further based on the functional groups they contained.

I will remember to always branch out and try new things, because prior to this experience, I was never planning to code, but I learned that I really enjoy it and would love to do it again. Manya Kaushik ’21