Kaya Gorsline ’21

The Development of Teaching and Social Learning Across Cultures

I had the opportunity to work virtually for the EVOLearn Lab, a cognitive and evolutionary psychology lab headed by Dr. Cristine Legare of UT Austin. Although it wasn’t at all what I’d expected, my experience certainly was irreplaceable and invaluable for my growth as a student, employee, and adult. The project I worked on aimed to examine the significance of culture and education quality on cognitive ability, collecting data from individuals in 14 different countries all over the world. My personal responsibilities at the lab included sorting, inputting, cataloging data, and making note of significant occurrences within the videos of participants completing their tasks.

Throughout my time at the EVOLearn Lab, I was taught first-hand just how important immaculate organization is. They kept track of each individual data file with extreme care, allowing for so much stability and versatility when completing data analysis. Kaya Gorsline ’21