Damian Juth ’21

The Architecture of French Gothic Cathedrals

One of the most beautiful aspects of French culture is the cathedrals which spread all across France throughout major cities and religiously significant places. In my project, I researched the architecture of these churches and their development throughout the gothic period in France when many of these historic cathedrals were built. Focusing on the architecture plans, innovation, and symbolism these buildings had, I explore just how important they are to French history.

As I studied the floorplans of various cathedrals in France, I noticed the uniform symbolism represented through the buildings architectural plans, with the uniform orientation of cathedrals towards the East (developed under Charlemagne), the significance of the number three (reflecting the holy trinity), and even the shape of the church itself, resembling a crucifix. Catholicism has deep roots in French architecture. Damian Juth ’21