Meet tour guide Myrah Charles '22


Student body leaders carry gonfalon at The Peddie School

School Co-Presidents Jack '22 and Myrah '22

Myrah '22 believes in surrounding yourself with the people who build you up and help you grow and in being an agent of change no matter what your role or title. She also believes in naps.

Outside of the classroom: Student body co-president, field hockey, prefect, mock trial, Creative Writing Signature Experience

Advice for new Falcons:

When you're feeling stressed, you need a nap! I've learned to prioritize my wellness at Peddie. Stress impacts all aspects of my life, including how I interact with others. For me, a nap is a great stress-reliever. I once took a nap before an AP Biology test and dreamt that my best friend and I were hunting down a magic man that turned into a fish and escaped our clutches. A nap allows stress to disappear into a mystical dream, and I wake up ready to face reality again.

What Being a Peddie Student has taught Myrah:

Peddie has taught me that if I want to accomplish something, I can do it. I don't need to be head of a club or hold an important title in order to get things done around campus. At Peddie, we don't compete against each other; we recognize the value in community learning and growth.

Reflection: My days at Peddie are filled with classes, homework and tons of activities, so my favorite part of the day is dinner. I love to get to the dining hall right as it opens and staying until it closes — it's the perfect time to catch up with friends after our busy days.

As a freshman in Chemistry class, I had a junior classmate who gave me a great piece of advice. He said that you don't need to be in a position of power or leadership in order to do things at Peddie, and that has always stuck with me. 

One of my favorite memories is something really simple. My first year as prefect, I lived in Masters dorm with the ninth- and tenth-grade girls (I was a junior). One night we had a "Just Dance" marathon in the lounge — it wasn't organized or planned, it was just an impromptu moment, and that's what I loved most about it.

My favorite part of my Peddie experience has definitely been the people. The ones you choose to surround yourself with really do impact how you interact with the universe. Sometimes, they force you to think critically and grow as a person as Yasmeen did for me. Other times they'll hold you up when you feel like you're failing, like Kate and Nye did. Best of all, you'll never be in competition with your people at Peddie; when one person wins, so does everyone else.

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