Meet tour guide Tyler Frojmovich '22


Tyler '22 performs at the Reeves Speaking Contest, The Peddie School

Tyler Frojmovich '22

Before Peddie, Tyler '22 never felt like a "pro" in any particular area. But a brief conversation with his freshman Humanities teacher changed all of that.

Outside of the classroom: Leader of the Jewish Heritage affinity group, Prefect, Student Ambassador, Varsity Crew, Writing Center fellow

Advice for new Falcons:

Be yourself! Remember that you are here - at Peddie - for a reason. Staying true to yourself is the best way to find your true friends. You'll find people who share similar interests and like you for you. 

What Being a Peddie Student has taught Tyler:

Peddie has taught me not to bottle up my stress and instead utilize the resources around me. I had a tough junior year, but during that time I found that leaning on the people around me really helped. Friends, parents, teachers and advisors were all there to support me. By sharing my feelings with the community that cares about me I learned the skills that I need to persevere during challenging times.

Reflection: When I began at Peddie as a freshman, I didn't really have goals outside of getting good grades. I never really thought of myself as particularly talented in any one subject and hadn't spent time developing any specific skills. 

I had Mr. Onion for humanities my freshman year; he is one of the most well-respected and esteemed teachers at Peddie. One day he asked me to stay after class, and he told me that he thought I was an excellent writer! It meant so much to me to hear that from such an exceptional teacher. I still think about that moment when I need inspiration. Now, three years later, I am a Writing Center fellow, working with other students to help them improve their writing - all because Mr. Onion took the time to compliment my work. Teachers are like that at Peddie. They go the extra mile to take care of their students and it really shows.

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