Meet tour guide Elle Grillo '22



Peddie Field hockey goalie Elle Grillo '22 makes a save

Elle Grillo '22

Elle '22 understands that sometimes the simplest moments tell you the most. Peddie students spend so much time together that it's easy to let your guard down and be yourself.

Outside of the classroom: Varsity field hockey, co-leader of Spectrum, Artivism (Theater), freshman dorm prefect 

Advice for new Falcons:

I struggled to push myself out of my comfort zone during my first years on campus. It wasn't until just this past year that I started to try to focus on new things that made me happy. Try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone as soon as you can when you arrive on campus, so you don't miss out on some of the amazing experiences available to you at Peddie. 

What being a Peddie Student has taught her:

When I was in middle school I was used to cruising by in classes and being one of the best in my grade. When I came to Peddie, I quickly learned that I was going to face challenges in life — and that’s okay. With this lesson came another, which taught me the importance of reaching out for help so you are not going through challenges alone. 

Reflection: Chapel is one of my favorite times in the week. The whole school usually meets for chapel on Monday and Friday mornings; student musicians perform and often student speakers share personal stories. It’s a safe space where speakers can be open and receive support from the Peddie community, which is truly something amazing to see. I've heard students talk about their backgrounds, experiences with loss or illness and other very personal moments. There is such trust in the community and all-around support. I remember once where a student musician made a mistake in their chapel performance. The whole crowd cheered for them and encouraged them to take a breath and start again. When they finished, everyone was on their feet cheering and applauding for them. 

When I came to Peddie, I knew I wanted to get involved in the theater program. I have been acting since I was 5 and by the time I was a freshman at Peddie, I had 18 shows and 3 musicals under my belt. However, I also decided to try field hockey as my fall sport; it was the first time I had ever played. During one of our games my freshman year, our only goalie got a concussion. I told our coach that I'd be willing to step in as goalie. We won that game and already I could see myself falling in love with the sport. Field hockey has quickly become a huge part of my life, all because I stepped outside of my comfort zone in that game freshman year. 

One of my favorite Peddie memories has to be during my sophomore year. I am a boarding student and I left two of my best friends who are day students in my dorm room with my roommate as I went to pick up a package. When I got back to my room, I found one of my friends on one of the big puffy chairs in my room and my other friend was under the puffy chair sleeping. I don’t think I have laughed so hard before in my life. It was a simple funny moment, but it says so much about how close friendships become at Peddie. We spend so much time together, whether day or boarding students, that we quickly learn to feel comfortable sharing our emotions and just being ourselves around one another. 

I’m proud of the Peddie community’s openness to listen to people who haven’t been heard very often. Recently, the community pushed for changes for all-gender housing on campus and a group of students last year organized an event called 12 Hours Of Action to provide a space to use their voices and reach a large audience during the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve got each other’s back while raising awareness about issues going on in and around the community. 

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