Meet tour guide Anna Radigan '22


Anna Radigan '22

Anna Radigan ’22

Anna ’22 has learned not to be shy about asking questions; she's also learned to embrace the unexpected and treasure the support of the Peddie community.

Beyond the classroom: Varsity crew, varsity lacrosse, studio art, head tour guide


Advice for new Falcons:

I always say this: Ask a lot of questions! I was so stressed out as an incoming student because I was so nervous about posing questions to people I had never met before. I wish I had known back then how welcoming the Peddie community is. I guarantee you, if you ask anyone on campus anything, they will know the answer or direct you to someone who knows the answer. Not only that, but they will be so happy to answer your questions!

My first day on campus, I was having such a hard time finding the Stud [Caspersen Student Center]. I finally worked up the courage to ask this random girl for directions. I was greeted with such cheerfulness and she walked me all around campus, showing me where everything was. We became instant best friends, all because I was brave enough to ask a question.

What being a Peddie student has taught her:

There will always be curveballs thrown at you. You can plan, but the unexpected is something you can’t prepare for. Peddie has taught me that no matter what, you have to stay mighty and find ways to innovate. Peddie’s motto, which translates to “we finish our labors to begin them anew,” is the embodiment of the mindset that I have grown into. It is so rewarding to persevere through adversity, because you emerge from it even stronger than you were before. Seeing how my teachers and friends adapted to a world with COVID was inspiring. I hope to leave Peddie with the skills to handle any curveball that life throws at me.

Reflection: As part of my AP Studio Art class, I put together a gallery exhibit with the pieces I had been working on for the whole year. At the end of the year, I was able to display my work in the Mariboe Gallery, a beautiful space in the Swig Arts Center, where visiting artists from across the world have hosted exhibits. I have never felt more love than in that showcase. Students and faculty that I was barely acquainted with showed me just as much appreciation and enthusiasm as my best friends. Everyone who saw the gallery exhibit took the time to congratulate me and compliment my work. To me, that showcase was the culmination of years of dedication, and the joy and pride I felt when I was given the opportunity to present my artwork in front of the entire school was so rewarding. 

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