Sanya Kumar ’21

Analyzing Anak Krakatau to Deduce the Effects of a Volcanic Eruption on the Region

I participated in the Coding for Conservation project hosted by the Peddie faculty. Within this project, I learned how to code python and navigate Google Earth. Through daily sessions and coding work, I cultivated the skills needed for my final project on analyzing volcanic eruptions on Anak Krakatau, an Island in Indonesia. The project consisted of analyzing several factors: vegetation, air quality, water, and fire anomalies. Certain datasets provided recorded data from a certain region and time, allowing me to produce graphs. The results for this project showed that the volcanic eruption led to poorer air quality and reduced vegetation due to the gasses and materials secreted during the event. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, this opportunity enabled me to learn new information and apply my knowledge.

Overall, my experience this summer was not typical but it definitely taught me so much new information that would be useful in future endeavors. Sanya Kumar ’21