Meet tour guide Amber Wang '22


Swimmer diving into pool at The Peddie School

As a swimmer, Amber '22 has learned that "diving in" is as important in life as it is in her sport. It requires courage, but you're bound to reap the rewards.

Beyond the classroom: Varsity swimming, Dosemaster [daily student e-communication], writing center fellow, Peddie Ambassador, EXP

Advice for new Falcons:

Dive headfirst into everything! Don’t hold yourself back. Peddie is a place where you can fully explore who you want to be. You have the support of an entire community of bright minds and high-achievers who want to see you succeed. Let loose and be yourself, because everyone is there for you — at Peddie, it’s not a competition! 

What being a Peddie student has taught her:

The most profound — and most unexpected — thing I’ve discovered at Peddie is that I’m most passionate about science. 

Reflection: Dive headfirst into Peddie! This was advice I received when I was a new student, and it has given me courage to branch out and take advantage of so many wonderful opportunities. I became a three-season varsity athlete, a research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania through the Signature Research Experience (EXP) and a Writing Center fellow. You get back what you put in with the Peddie experience, so give it your all! 

When I came to Peddie, I was sure that I would enjoy my math classes the most. My advisor, Mrs. Hoffman, is an accomplished mathematics teacher and she was more than happy to share her love of math with me. But when I began to show more interest in Peddie’s science curriculum, she showed me just as much support as I began to pursue more science classes. Taking AP Chemistry was a real turning point in my education, and my teacher, Mrs. Fraczkowska, nurtured my interest in science, turning it into a full-blown passion. The way science was taught really resonated with me; my classmates are more interested in collaboration than competition. 

This cooperative environment gave me room to grow my passion for science without being intimidated by the daunting workload. All of my friends struggled with me as we spent days quizzing each other and studying for big tests. When it was time to take the AP exam, everyone met up in the library from 9 a.m. -10 p.m. just to study chemistry together! I am a day student, but I was spending way more time on campus than at home because I needed to be in a space where everyone around me was just as motivated to succeed as I was. Peddie has taught me the value of having a community of people who support each other’s drive and passion. 

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