Meet tour guide Alli Heymach ’22


Allison Heymach '22

Alli '22 has embraced balance at Peddie; she's committed to courses and activities that she enjoys, but also remembers how important it is to take a breath — and remember that the community is here to support and encourage you.

Outside of the classroom: Field hockey, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Sign Language Club (founding member)

Advice for new Falcons:

It is important to remind yourself that there always comes a point where you have done all you can, whether it is studying for a test or writing a paper. Most of us get overwhelmed at some point; we all have many commitments and responsibilities. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is put the books and laptop away, take a breath and go on a walk or talk with someone. 

What being a Peddie Student has taught her:

Peddie has taught me to have patience with myself. Peddie has so many interesting classes, activities and clubs at your fingertips. It’s exciting, but it’s also important to remember to give yourself the time to sleep when you need to sleep and eat when you need to eat. It is easy to get swept up with everything that is happening around you; give yourself the time and space to figure out what works for you.

Reflection: When I first came to Peddie, the dynamic between students was something that stood out to me right away. We are all always willing to help each other. We are all going through similar experiences and we all have different perspectives, but we are all invested in each other’s success. 

I’ve taken two photography classes and have learned to love taking pictures. My teacher, Mr. Dale, actually approached me at the end of my sophomore year and recommended that I do an independent project in photography during my junior year. I was learning remotely for almost a year at this point and thought this would be the perfect thing to get me out of my house and away from my bed and computer. I would go on many nature walks around my house and would then edit the photos. I became passionate about photography. 

A selection of Allison's photographs from the Fall and Winter Art Shows in Mariboe Gallery.


Finally, I got back on campus and was able to take pictures of people. One of my favorite memories from this experience was when I set out to create a project using pictures of the noses of people around campus. At first, I would just stop and ask people as I passed them on campus if I could take their pictures. Soon, word got around and people started approaching me to take pictures of their noses! I was amazed. At the end of the term, I was able to show my work at the art show and actually got my own wall, which I was so proud of. 

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