Peddie's 159th year opens with Convocation

Peddie kicked off the 2022-23 academic year — the 159th year in the school’s history — on Monday, September 5, with Convocation, held outside Ayer Memorial Chapel.

Peddie’s 2022–23 student body comprises 533 students. There are 135 students in the Class of 2023. 

Student Body Co-Presidents Grace Edelstein ’23 and Michael Yan ’23 addressed their fellow students, encouraging them to savor every moment of their time at Peddie. 

"That means utilizing our new, beautiful arts center by Peddie Lake and engaging in Peddie's DEI programs to make our campus a more understanding and kinder environment for all of us," said Yan. "That means supporting and showing genuine gratitude for all the people that keep our campus running. And showing up to your friend's club initiatives and events, soccer games, football games, the Freshman Musical and everything in between."

Edelstein added, "And, of course, it means taking home the Potter-Kelley Cup on Blair Day." 

Following the remarks, academic and citizenship awards were presented to students for their contributions during the 2021-22 school year.


Each academic department presents awards to students who excel in each discipline.

Science Prize Convocation

Academic Excellence in Science: Shruthika Padhy ’23  


Wintersteen Math Award: Matthew Luo ’23 (Precalculus)


Austin Kelly Award for the student who has submitted the research paper that best combines complexity of historical analysis, extensive original research and scholarly use of primary source materials: Shruthika Padhy ’23


Christensen Cup for outstanding work in U.S. History: Yi Yan ’23 


Doherty Prize for outstanding sophomore research paper: Sukhroop Singh ’24


Language Prize Convocation

Sammi Gao ’23 (Chinese)

Language Prize Convocation

Matthew Yang ’23 (French)

Language Prize Convocation

Yi Yan ’23 (Latin)

Language Prize Convocation

Bao To ’23 (Spanish) 


English Prize Convocation
English Prize Convocation
English Prize Convocation

Miller Reading Prize for demonstrating the greatest progress in English during the 2021-22 academic year: Elizabeth Lamb ’23, Riyah Myrie ’24 and Jace Ingenito ’25

English Prize Convocation

English department award for completing the most outstanding work in English during junior year: Chimzaram Egbosimba ’23 


Swetland Prize Convocation

Swetland Honor Cup given to the member of the freshman class who has made the greatest contribution to the school: Matilda Kardhashi ’25

PotterAward Convocation

Potter Cup to those students who demonstrate strength of character, leadership, citizenship and scholarship: Grace Edelstein ’23

View photos from all school year kickoff activities, including student arrivals and Convocation, on Peddie’s Flickr page.