154th Annual Declamation Contest

The 154th Annual Declamation Speaking Contest was held at the William Mount-Burke Theatre on January 7, 2022. Congratulations to all who participated in this year's event!


Emma Xu

Emmy Xu ’22
Excerpt from “Gruesome Playground Injuries,” by Rajiv Joseph 
A young woman visits her best friend in a coma after a long absence, confessing her need for him to return to her.  

Second Place

Kate Guittari '22

Kate Guittari ’22 
Excerpt from “Completeness,” by Itmar Moses 
A young woman shares her fears of relationships with her new lover. 

Third Place

Caleb Solidum '23

Caleb Solidum ’23 
Excerpt from “This is Our Youth,” by Kenneth Lonergan 
Dennis rants to his best friend over the myriad problems in his life after the sudden death of another friend. 

Honorable Mention

Santiago Galvan

Santiago Galvan ’22 (remote)
Excerpt from “Fat Cat Killers,” by Adam Szymkowicz 
Steve, along with his partner, Mike, have just tied up the boss of their company, and are holding him hostage after he laid them off from their jobs. 


Ella Chon ’24  
Emily Crehan ’25   
Bridget Dougherty ’23
Santiago Galvan ’22
Kate Guittari ’22  
Juliette Jimenez ’23  
Nylah Lee ’22  
Jennifer Ma ’22
Elias Segal ’22    
Caleb Solidum ’23 
Anjali Sudarshan ’25     
Emmy Xu ’22      

Contest adjudicated by Paula Alekson & Alexandra Haddad, McCarter Theatre Center 

Contest directed by Elizabeth Sherman, director of theater