Photo gallery: Look inside Annenberg Hall
Bell in Annenberg foyer

Constructed in 1925 as Memorial Hall, the building was renamed Annenberg Hall in 1992 after Walter H. Annenberg '27. Annenberg remained deeply involved with Peddie for his entire life. In 1993, he gave a transformative $100 million gift to Peddie, then the single largest gift ever to an independent school.

Students collaborating in innovation lab

Students use our new Maker Space for class or club projects or their own experimentation while teachers construct demonstrations and classroom tools here. 

English class

Math, English and language classes take place in Annenberg Hall. Peddie faculty regularly encourage students to collaborate and discuss ideas in an open-minded environment.

Students collaborate in math class

Students in Multivariable Calculus use high-end math software to compute and produce sophisticated 3D graphs of objects.